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Best Shopify Apps: Boost Your Productivity

Hello there, e-commerce enthusiasts! If you’ve been looking for ways to supercharge your online store, or perhaps you’re thinking about embarking on your e-commerce journey, then you’ve stumbled upon the right blog post. Today, we’re going to discuss the best Shopify apps that can potentially skyrocket your productivity and increase your revenue.

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Ship Scout – Smart Shipping Solution

Our first superstar app is Ship Scout. It’s an exceptional tool that allows you to experiment with various shipping methods and pricing strategies. With Ship Scout, you can figure out which shipping approach works best for you and yields the highest profitability. For instance, you can see if offering free shipping on certain products boosts sales or if the ‘free shipping on orders over $50’ model generates more revenue. After a seven-day free trial, it’s $49/month. Learn more about Ship Scout here.

Dexter – Your Pricing Test Lab

Next up, we have Dexter. This unique application lets you split-test pricing on your products. While most merchants don’t use this due to the fear of customers seeing both prices, in reality, that’s a rare occurrence. With Dexter, you can test different splits, such as 50/50, 75/25, or 90/10, to find out which pricing strategy yields the highest revenue. This is an incredible way to boost sales and increase profitability. Check out Dexter here.

Okendo – Enhance Your Reviews

Our third recommendation is Okendo. This platform is all about enhancing product reviews to drive conversions. If you’re a clothing store, for instance, Okendo can provide detailed reviews that highlight the fit, comfort, and overall quality of your products. Many online stores use Okendo to boost their conversions significantly. Their services start at $19/month, but they offer a 14-day free trial for you to test the waters. Get more information about Okendo here.

Klaviyo – Powerful Email & SMS Marketing

When it comes to email and SMS marketing, Klaviyo stands out. With its powerful tools, you can spread awareness about your brand, send out engaging emails, and launch SMS campaigns that convert. It’s also available as a free plan with additional paid options to scale up as you grow. Start improving your email and SMS marketing with Klaviyo here.

PostScript – Boost Your SMS Marketing

PostScript is an SMS marketing powerhouse. Its team is incredibly knowledgeable, ensuring your SMS marketing efforts truly deliver results. The tool allows you to send promotional messages to customers who provide their phone number during the checkout process. Check out PostScript here.

Rebuy – Maximize Post-Purchase Sales

Rebuy is an excellent tool for enhancing post-purchase sales. Once a customer adds a product to their cart, Rebuy recommends additional items at discounted prices, driving more sales and enhancing customer satisfaction. Their service starts at $99/month, with a generous 21-day free trial. Find out more about Rebuy here.

Back in Stock – Never Lose a Sale Again

Back in Stock keeps your customers informed when their desired products are available again. By gathering email and phone numbers, it helps you alert customers about product restocks, ensuring you never miss a sale. It integrates seamlessly with Klaviyo for sending customized restock alerts. Learn more about Back in Stock here.