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Google Ads EXPERT MODE – GOOGLE ADS Tutorial

In this text, you’ll become acquainted with the “Google Ads Expert Mode” tutorial developed by Boss Mode Marketing. Tailored towards skillful advertisers and marketers, it’s a training program that reveals the vast capabilities of Google Ads. Expert Mode allows for greater autonomy in managing bidding strategies, albeit at the cost of heightened complexity.

Details on platform navigation, the establishment of campaigns and ad groups, and the creation and enhancement of ads all come to the forefront. Alongside the selection of campaign objectives and types, various other elements such as devising a budget and making a choice of focus – clicks versus conversion value – are given adequate coverage. This tutorial makes a strong case for just how much Google Ads Expert Mode can benefit the user, thanks to its impressive selection of features.

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Understanding Google Ads Expert Mode

The Google Ads Expert Mode, designed and offered by Boss Mode Marketing, is a comprehensive program designed specifically for advanced marketers and advertisers. This exquisite platform enables you to utilize the full range of features and campaign types offered by Google Ads.

Google Ads Expert Mode Overview

Google Ads Expert Mode is not just an advertising platform. Instead, it can be perceived as a dynamic ecosystem that breathes life into your marketing strategies. This mode allows full control over the bidding strategies, an element absent in the Beginner Mode. However, it is worth noting that Google Ads Expert Mode requires more complex management.

Benefits of using Google Ads Expert Mode

The Google Ads Expert Mode comes with multiple benefits. One of the greatest advantages is that it gives complete control over bidding strategies. This advantage becomes significant especially when you’re managing complex campaigns. Additionally, Expert Mode provides a more extensive array of features and campaign types to choose from.

Ideal users of the Google Ads Expert Mode

This program is ideally meant for advanced marketers looking for complete control and flexibility in shaping their marketing strategies. These might include digital marketers who have graduated from the Beginner’s Mode and are ready to take their marketing campaign to another level.

Transitioning to Google Ads Expert Mode

Moving from the simplistic interface of Beginner’s Mode towards the comprehensive Google Ads Expert Mode might seem daunting. However, the switch is quite simple.

Navigating from Beginner’s Mode

You can commence by clicking on “start now” located at the bottom of Google Ads Beginner’s Mode screen. Following this, a simple click on “switch to expert mode” will launch you into the Expert Mode interface.

Simple steps to switch to Expert Mode

Transitioning to Expert Mode involves merely a couple of clicks. Firstly, you start the process by clicking “start now”, followed by “switching to expert mode.” With this, you step into a world offering a broader selection of features for your advertising needs.

Identifying Campaign Objectives in Expert Mode

In Expert Mode, numerous campaign objectives are available, based on your specific goals. The choice is extensive; it can range from sales, leads, website traffic to brand awareness.

Available Campaign Objectives

Some of the notable objectives include boosting sales, gathering leads, enhancing website traffic, and increasing brand awareness. Depending on your strategy, you can select objectives that align with your overall business goals.

Choosing Campaign Objectives based on Goals

The choice of campaign objective should fundamentally be aligned with your overall business goals. For example, if your primary objective is boosting sales, you could utilize the ‘sales’ objective to focus on customer actions that you believe are valuable, such as a purchase made on your website.

Google Ads EXPERT MODE - GOOGLE ADS Tutorial

Discover more about the Google Ads EXPERT MODE - GOOGLE ADS Tutorial.

Exploring Various Campaign Types

Choice of the correct campaign type forms a critical part of an effective marketing strategy. Google Ads Expert Mode provides an array of campaign types, including search, performance max, display, and discovery.

Description of Different Campaign Types

Each campaign type in Google Ads serves a particular purpose. The ‘Search’ campaign type shows your ads to users searching for products or services similar to yours. ‘Performance Max’ focuses on reaching audiences across Google with a single campaign. The ‘Display’ campaign type aids in reaching customers across millions of websites and apps. The ‘Discovery’ campaign type shows your ads on YouTube, Gmail, and discover.

Selecting Appropriate Campaign Type

The selection of a campaign type should correspond with your overall campaign objectives. For instance, if your objective is to reach a broad audience, choosing ‘Performance Max’ or ‘Display’ could be ideal.

Establishing Campaign Budget and Focus in Expert Mode

As you move into designing a campaign, choosing a budget and determining campaign focus becomes crucial.

Setting up Campaign Budget

The budget for a campaign is an element of major significance. To set up your budget, you first have to select currency, followed by the total amount you want to spend on a campaign—this setup directly impacts how often your ads will display.

Deciding on Campaign Focus – Clicks or Conversion Value

Depending on your campaign objectives, you will have to specify your campaign focus. If your goal is to bring more traffic to your website, focusing on clicks would be ideal. However, if your objective is to boost conversions in the stipulated budget, keeping ‘Conversion Value’ as the focus would be more apt.

In-depth guide on Setting up Campaigns and Ad Groups

Once you transition into Expert mode, setting up campaigns and ad groups become more detailed. The setup involves adding keywords to Ad Groups, selecting a campaign location, and determining the budget for Ad Groups.

Adding keywords to Ad Groups

Your chosen keywords should strongly link to the theme of your ad. They should reflect in your ad copy and also be present in your landing page content. This step is crucial as it directly influences ad placement and relevancy.

Selecting Campaign Location

Location targeting in Google Ads enables you to show your ads to customers in a specific geographical location. You can choose locations such as an entire country, areas within a country, and even a radius around a location, depending on your business.

Determining the Budget for Ad Groups

Setting your budget judiciously for individual Ad Groups ensures you allocate your funds where they can generate the most impact. You have to balance your budget allocation across Ad Groups based on their significance in achieving your campaign goal.

Creating Ads in Google Ads Expert Mode

Creating ads in Expert Mode involves a series of steps such as providing the URL for landing pages, altering headlines, and improving ad strength.

Steps to Create an Ad

Creating an Ad involves specifying the landing page URL, changing default headlines and descriptions to make them more unique, and improving ad strength.

Inserting File URLs

You have to provide the landing page URL where the user will be redirected after clicking your ad. This step is essential as it determines user experience and impacts conversion rates.

Changing Headlines

Changing the default headlines to unique ones based on your campaign objective helps to catch the user’s attention. They make your ad stand out and play a key role in determining the effectiveness of your ad.

Improving Ad Strength

An effective way to improve ad strength is to make your headlines and descriptions more unique. Use popular keywords thoughtfully throughout the ad and align them with your overall campaign objectives.

Adding Payment Options in Google Ads

To finalize your campaign settings, you need to confirm the payment option. This step includes adding billing information and choosing the preferred payment type.

Confirming a Payment Option

Google Ads makes it easy to confirm your payment method. You can choose between manual payments, where you prepay for your ads or automatic payments, where you pay after your ads run.

Adding Billing Information

Billing Information comprises your organization’s name, the geographic location associated with the billing address, and your card details. This data is necessary for seamless processing of your ad expenses.

Opting for Payment Type

You can choose between automatic payments, where you’re charged after accruing costs, or manual payments, where you prepay a certain amount towards ad costs.

Advanced Bidding Strategies in Expert Mode

Understanding and choosing appropriate bidding strategies is crucial in Google Ads Expert Mode. These strategies help balance your ad spending and ensure maximum returns on ad expenses.

Understanding Bidding Strategies

Google Ads provides a comprehensive range of smart bidding strategies that make use of machine learning to optimize bids for conversions or conversion values in each auction.

Choosing Appropriate Bidding Strategy

Choosing an appropriate bidding strategy depends on your campaign objectives and performance metrics that matter the most to your business.


Google Ads Expert Mode is an excellent choice for advanced advertisers who want to have better control over their campaigns. Its plethora of features, coupled with a wide variety of campaign types, make it an indispensable tool for advertisers. It affords freedom over bidding strategies and provides in-depth control over campaigns, contributing to improved ad performance. Google Ads Expert Mode, with its endless capabilities, undeniably stands as an asset for all advanced marketers and advertisers.

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