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How to CREATE a PRODUCT on PRINTIFY – Printify for Beginners

Navigating the realm of Printify for the first time can initially seem daunting, yet with the right guidance, your path to product creation becomes straightforward and highly feasible. In this tutorial, “How to Create a Product on Printify – Printify for Beginners,” you will acquire the knowledge necessary to effortlessly establish your offerings on one of the most popular print-on-demand platforms. The content meticulously outlines the process of setting up a free account, choosing from a diverse range of potential products, and the utilization of user-friendly design tools to bring your creative concepts to tangible reality.

Your journey will involve a series of methodical steps, from selecting merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, and phone cases, to designing and refining your product’s artwork. Moreover, you will learn how to seamlessly integrate your newly crafted products with various e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, enhancing the potential reach of your brand. You are encouraged to engage with the video tutorial to equip yourself with the necessary skills to start your own Printify storefront, optimize product details, and understand pricing strategies to maximize profit margins. This comprehensive guide is designed to transform beginners into proficient users of Printify, enabling you to actualize your entrepreneurial visions with confidence and precision.

How to CREATE a PRODUCT on PRINTIFY -  Printify for Beginners

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Understanding Printify

Printify as a print-on-demand platform

When you engage with Printify, you’re interacting with a leading print-on-demand service. This platform offers you an innovative way to create and sell custom products online without holding any inventory. With Printify, you can design, advertise, and sell merchandise, and Printify handles the rest – from printing to shipping directly to your customers.

The range of products available

Your creative playground is vast on Printify, encompassing a broad range of products. You can put your designs on everything from apparel like t-shirts and sweatshirts to lifestyle products including mugs, phone cases, and much more. You have the freedom to bring all kinds of personalized products to market.

Comparison with other print-on-demand services

Printify distinguishes itself from other print-on-demand services with its extensive network of print providers, shipping options and its accessible platform. When compared to competitors, this often translates to more product options, competitive pricing, and potentially faster fulfillment times, making it a top choice for many entrepreneurs.

Setting Up a Printify Account

Creating a free Printify account

Creating an account with Printify is straightforward and free. There’s no need for a credit card to sign up. You’ll start by inputting basic information, and within minutes, you could be exploring the extensive suite of tools and services Printify offers.

Subscription plans and benefits

While you can start with Printify for free, you may want to upgrade to a paid subscription. Starting from $24.99 per month, you can save up to 14% with an annual plan. These plans amplify your capabilities with additional benefits, like discounts on products, which can improve your profit margins.

Account verification process

Printify values security and trust; thus, they may require you to verify your account. This step ensures both your safety and the reliability of the service. Verification typically involves confirming your email address and may include additional steps to validate your identity or business information.

Navigating the Printify Dashboard

Overview of the user interface

When you log into your Printify account, you’re met with a clean, intuitive user interface. This dashboard is your command center – you can start creating products, view orders or analyze sales data, all from this hub.

Accessing ‘My Products’ section

Finding the ‘My Products’ section is simple. It’s clearly marked on the dashboard, and with a click, you can view your existing products or start designing new ones.

Understanding dashboard features

The dashboard hosts a variety of features crucial for your business, from product creation tools to order management and analytics. Familiarizing yourself with these features will optimize your Printify experience and streamline your operations.

Selecting Your Product

Exploring the ‘Browse Products’ category

Starting in the ‘Browse Products’ category, you’ll encounter a catalog of customizable items. Here you can filter by product type, view new additions, or explore best sellers to identify which products will best fit your designs and target market.

Choosing the right product for your design

With variety comes choice. You’ll need to consider the material, printing options, and available sizes of products to ensure they align with your design and the expectations of your audience.

Product specifications and options

Every product on Printify comes with a detailed list of specifications and options. Before finalizing your selection, review these to understand the nuances of the product – from fabric weight to print area dimensions – to avoid any mismatches with your design aspirations.

Designing Your Product

Using Printify’s design tool

Printify’s integrated design tool is user-friendly and flexible. It allows you to upload and position your artwork on the product template, giving you a real-time preview of the end result.

Importing and adjusting your artwork

You have the liberty to import artwork from various sources like your computer, cloud storage, or even commission a design via Fiverr. Once uploaded, you can adjust the size, position, and rotation of your artwork to ensure it translates perfectly onto the physical product.

Tips for ensuring high-quality prints

For a flawless print, use high-resolution images, consider the material of your chosen product, and be mindful of the print area. Stick to the provided templates and guidelines, and where possible, simulate real-world conditions in the preview to gauge the final look.

Customizing Product Options

Selecting product colors and variants

Once your design is ready, it’s time to select the colors and variants that will be available in your store. Choose options that complement your design and appeal to a broad customer base.

Setting up size and style options

Offering a variety of sizes and styles can cater to more preferences and body types, potentially increasing your market reach. Ensure these options are clearly detailed for your customers to avoid confusion and minimize returns.

Previewing your product before saving

Make use of the preview feature to scrutinize each detail of your product before saving. This spot-check can reveal design inconsistencies or errors, allowing you to correct them pre-launch.

Pricing and Profit Margins

How to set a competitive price

Scale your pricing to balance competitiveness with profitability. Analyze the market, consider the perceived value of your products, and price accordingly without undervaluing your brand.

Understanding Printify’s pricing structure

You’ll pay a base price for each product, which includes the printing and fulfillment costs. Familiarize yourself with these costs; they’re essential to calculating your profit margin.

Calculating potential profits

Your profit is the price you sell at minus the base price and additional expenses like advertising. Use Printify’s tools to play with numbers and find a sweet spot that covers costs and delivers profit.

Connecting to E-commerce Platforms

Integrating with Shopify and other platforms

Printify seamlessly integrates with major e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, and more. This connection syncs your Printify products with your online store, automating the selling and fulfillment process.

Step-by-step guide to connect to Shopify

To connect your Printify account to Shopify, go to ‘My Store,’ click ‘Manage Stores,’ and select ‘Connect.’ Enter your Shopify store URL, install the Printify app, and your products will sync up, ready for you to sell.

Publishing your product on connected stores

After integrating with your e-commerce platform, you can publish your products directly from Printify. These products will appear in your store’s product section, complete with the details and variants you set up.

Managing Your Printify Products

Editing and updating product details

You can return to any product in ‘My Products’ to edit or update details as needed. This flexibility allows for ongoing optimization of your product listings.

Organizing your product portfolio

An well-organized product portfolio can streamline your workload and enhance customer experience. Use the tools provided to categorize and manage your products efficiently.

Utilizing Printify’s analytics tools

Printify offers analytics tools that can help you understand your sales patterns, customer preferences, and overall business health. Leverage these insights to make data-driven decisions.


Recap of the Printify product creation process

You’ve now walked through the entire process of creating a product on Printify, from setting up an account to connecting your store. With a practical approach and robust tools at your disposal, you have the foundation to start your custom product business.

Benefits of using Printify for custom products

Printify offers a suite of advantages, including a wide range of products, an efficient design interface, and seamless integration with e-commerce platforms, all of which streamline the custom product creation process.

Encouragement for continued learning and experimentation

The world of print-on-demand is dynamic, and continual learning is key to success. Engage with resources, experiment with designs and products, and refine your strategy to thrive in your online business endeavors.

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